Veterinary Surgery

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We Understand Veterinary Surgery Can Be Stressful

Just like any other beloved family member, when your pet needs surgery, it’s a stressful time. The staff here at Sugar Creek Animal Hospital understand this. That is why we do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible on both you and your pet.

Our highly skilled, caring and compassionate staff is dedicated to providing the best available surgical care while remaining focused on your pet’s comfort and safety at all times. We offer a wide range of surgical procedures, both elective and non-elective including spays & neuters, orthopedic surgeries and many different types of soft tissue procedures.

We have our own surgical suite so your animal is under the care of our compassionate staff for both pre and post-operative care.

Our Process With Surgeries

Prior to any surgical procedure, each patient receives a thorough physical exam, including blood work, electrocardiography, and any other necessary work ups for that specific procedure.

Patients are carefully monitored and cared for before, during and after every procedure by our well-trained care team. Following surgery, we will work with you to develop and implement the appropriate and most comprehensive aftercare plan to help your pet recover as comfortably as possible. This will include instructions and information about proper wound care and follow up visits.

We do everything we can to ensure proper care to help your pet’s recovery.

Types Of Veterinary Surgery

Spay & Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet is an important decision for pet owners. We always encourage our pet parents to make an informed choice related to the risks vs benefits. Frequently, this type of surgery is part of preventive wellness and can prolong the pet’s life.

Soft Tissue Surgeries

While this can include spay & neuter procedures, this is a general category of surgeries that can also involve surgeries such as removal of foreign bodies from the animal, eye surgery, wound repair, and many other procedures.

Mass Removal

As your pet gets older, it’s fairly common for tumorous growths to occur. These growths need to be evaluated by our veterinarian after running appropriate diagnostic tests which can include radiology and biopsies. Once we have the results of these tests, we can determine the best course of treatment, but we have the capabilities to remove many of these growths using general anesthesia.

Dental Surgery

Everyone with teeth need routine dental checkups and good oral hygiene, but even with that, there are times when dental extractions may be necessary for your pet. We administer anesthesia to allow full access to teeth and gums which also reduces the stress on the your pet.

About Anesthesia

It’s important to note that there are risks of using anesthesia for any mammal which is why we use a cautious and safe approach for every pet we treat. Our combination of pre-operative assessments and monitoring equipment help reduce the risks of the surgery and help keep your pet safe. This process helps minimize the side effects and leads to a faster recovery.


At Sugar Creek Animal Hospital, we understand how stressful surgery can be for both you and your pet. That’s why we work hard to make each and every procedure as stress-free as possible.

We want you to know that when you bring your pet to Sugar Creek Animal Hospital for surgery, whether routine or complex, they will be in excellent hands!

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